Are you from GTA and looking for a reputable structural engineering firm? If your answer is yes, you are at the right place. Quintic is a leading national specialist, with years of experience and knowledge in structural engineering services. We have a team of expert and knowledgeable professionals to conduct remedial work that needs to be done. We can convert your ideas and concepts into reality. In your project, we can convert your ideas and concepts into reality.

Our deep knowledge of structural engineering allow us to deliver creative solutions within tight budget and aggressive deadlines. We deliver exceptional services and make a strong relationship with our clients.

Expert Guidance to avoid excessive deformations of building components or failure

  • Structural Beam Design (Steel, Wood, Concrete & Laminated Glass)
  • Concrete Footing Design
  • Structural Modifications and/or Additions to existing structures.
  • Load Bearing Wall Removal
  • Connection Design for Steel & Wood members
  • Basement Underpinning Design
  • Deck Design

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